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13 Most Haunted Places in Singapore History and the Legends behind them

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13 Scariest Singapore Ghost Stories


Every country has their fair share of horror stories. They are passed down and sometimes warped by each generation. But these are the stories we sit around telling each other when we try to scare one another during chalet outings.

From our collective experiences, we've gathered a list of the most famous ghost stories in Singapore. We then did our research on them to uncover their origins to provide more insight into each one - and we've ranked them spookiness from "meh" to "spine-tingling".

So here's our definitive list of 13 of the spookiest places in Singapore and the stories behind these famous ghost legends. 


1. The Yellow Tower @ East Coast Park



East Coast Park is one of the most frequented places in Singapore. But every single time you stroll, cycle or jog past this yellow tower in the park, have you ever wondered if there's a story behind it? There certainly is - and it's a tragic one at that.

The Legend:

Years back, a couple was strolling around this area in the night. It was precisely at this Amber Beacon Tower that the poor lady was brutally gang-raped by a group of thugs and subsequently stabbed to death, while her boyfriend was knocked unconscious. The criminals were never apprehended.

From then on, there have been claims of sightings of a female figure near this tower, while others allegedly heard screams of help. The Yellow Tower has been said to be haunted since.

A group of paranormal investigators attempted to communicate with the female's spirit. They vouched with certainty that she exists after having spent an hour chatting with her. Watch how they did so in the video below.

Spook Factor: Medium


2. Old Changi Hospital




Changi Hospital has gone from being a British owned hospital to being captured by the Japanese in WWII and used as a healthcare facility for prisoners of war to being used by Commonwealth Forces before being passed on to the SAF to treat servicemen. Currently the hospital is completely vacant and has been for several years. 


Rumours have been spread that the Japanese used this place to torture POWs rather than to treat them and since then there have been screams and shadows heard amongst the halls of the hospital. 

Spook Factor: Medium


3. Tanglin Hill Brunei Hostel




Source: G.H.O.S.T Club SG

At the end of Tanglin Hill lies an abandoned Brunei Hostel, untouched and uninhabited for more than 25 years. Although dilapidated and in a state of ruin, the unguarded old Brunei Hostel draws in many looking for spooky late-night adventures - or rather, encounters.

Scores of photographers, graffiti artists and explorers have had their go touring this compound. Even the Singapore Paranormal Investigators arrange tours around the building after dark!

The Legend:

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