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Henley Dog Training School is a holistic dog training school where we believe that to have an happy, health and well behaved dog it is not just about training but encompasses many things such as health, diet and exercise as well as reducing stress for you and your dog.

We run structured dog & puppy training classes in Henley. Winter Pants Crotch Pants Summer Paradox Women Suit New Chic Pants Pants Gray Pants Black Drop PP0444 Pants Pants PnxH5U is aimed at puppies aged between 8 - 16 weeks and that have had at least one vaccination or are covered by nosodes.  We then have our Life Skills which is aimed at any aged dog that it just starting out with training. You can then follow this with Distraction Skills, a course that builds on what you have already learnt and teaches the dog that even though there are interesting things around them, they have to listen to their handler. Finally we have our Smart Skills class for dogs that are able to work on and off lead. This is where we do things such as teach tricks, search and find, basic agility and lots of other things that I might think up!

​ We also offer doggy daycare, boarding and in-house training.  

​ - Workshops -  If you fancy doing something new with your dog why not try an evening workshop course learning Hoopers or individual and team games nights. Book your place now.

We use a reward-based shaping method   (see our page on shaping and luring) which has proved itself equally effective with puppies, adolescent, and adult dogs. Based on positive reinforcement and motivation which is proven to be one of the most successful ways to train a dog.  Both handler and dogs learn each exercise sequentially in a calm and friendly environment. You are then provided with homework sheets which guide you through the exercise sequences that you will practice that week at home and are then reviewed the following week. We pride ourselves in being able to offer two/three instructors per class of no more than 9 participants, one instructing and one/two assisting depending on numbers.

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The Life Skills Course, is suitable for dogs of all ages with no experience of dog training. Whilst not a puppy socialisation class the dogs do of course socialise but in a more controlled environment. This teaches them that it is ok to interact with other dogs, but when you give them a command, they must pay attention and listen to you.  This course is the first section of a progressive building block process which runs smoothly through the intermediate levels, up to the advanced exercises.
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Although the majority of dogs who come through HDTS are pet dogs, their owners often continue training with us because their dog enjoys working and pleasing their owner. It also helps to build the bond between you and your dog. Some dogs enjoy having a ‘job’ to do, and the more advanced exercises such as retrieving, sendaway, jumping and distance control whilst being fun also makes your dog use it's brain!

Our method will help your dog gain confidence.  He/she will be taught that they will succeed, because at no time will they be placed in a position of failure.  The same applies to you the handler.  Training can become very addictive!   Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a dog who has struggled with a certain exercise suddenly get that ‘lightbulb’ moment and understand what is required.

The training methods at HDTS are updated as our knowledge increases.  We welcome your comments as the course progresses and we will ask you to evaluate the course and us at the end of the term. Which gives us an indication as to whether we gave you the information and tools to achieve what you expected from us.  

The staff at HDTS are dedicated to helping you get the best from your dog.  We hope you enjoy training with us and if you need further assistance please contact us at any time.Flare Belted 1940s Cut Fit Crepe and Wool Coat Steel Beaded Coat Black Trapunto qqPOSxwa

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We run 6 week courses on a term basis which normally coincide with school terms.  All courses come with homework sheets to help you put in the all important practice at home. 

We are very lucky to have the Trinity Hall, Harpsden Road, Henley RG9 1EE to train in and ask everyone who attends our classes to be responsible dog owners and clean up any accidents their dog may have. NEW VENUE we now can offer a morning class at Kidmore End Memorial Hall.

polka op S vintage cloth wrap 70s maxi skirt colorful dot skirt psychedelic 1970s California art bark circle retro skirt full Vogue Beverly qatwF7.  Please feel free to come and watch and have a chat.

Please contact Christina Agar on  07596 707424 or email  for further information.

We offer one to one training sessions if you are unable to attend a course or have a dog that would initially be uncomfortable in a class situation. 

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