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Megs Magazine Mash Up: Dress Progress Report 1 – Sewing Blog

Time: 2016-11-15 06:30cheongsam dress Click:

Hi BurdaStylers! Last week I revealed that our Long Sleeve A-Line Dress pattern was voted the winner for my new Mash Up project pattern. This week I worked on the pattern and made my tweaks…

First things first, I had to tile the digital sewing pattern together. Always the first step in making a pattern. Click here to read more about working with digital sewing class="arc_keyword" href="/dress/201611/14513.html"> patterns!

I finished taping all the pages together fairly quickly (and may have had the Real Housewives of OC on in the background, haha).

Since I was really only making modifications to the front I could go ahead and add my seam allowance to my back piece. For this dress pattern I am making a size 40, and I added 1/2" seam allowance.

I also went ahead and added seam allowance to the neckline facing piece since I wasn’t altering the shape of the neckline. Tip: If you do alter the neckline of a sewing pattern and there are corresponding facing pieces, just draft a new facing from your new neckline shape instead of altering the existing facing pieces.

I also decided to shorted the back and front bottom pieces by 6". Shortening the hemline is a typical alteration that I need to do to sewing patterns since I’m short, but I don’t mind it uses less fabric :)

I added 1/2" seam allowance all around piece 22 the front skirt bottom and then I proceeded to draft the “flounce” piece that I’m going to cut in blue mesh as contrast. I drafted it to be 4" for a finished width of 3 1/2".

I drafted it initially on this piece to get the shaping, and then I’ll traced it out and added slash lines to further add fullness.

Next I placed a piece of tissue paper over top of the flounce piece and traced around all of the edges. I also made sure to make the Center Front!

Once I traced it out I went ahead and added in my slash lines. I didn’t measure them perfectly, I just drew several on either side of center front perpendicular to the top seam.

I cut out the entire piece and then use my paper rotary cutter to cut into my slash lines from the bottom up. I kept the slash lines along the top edge as hinge points, so I didn’t want to completely separate them.

After the slash lines were cut, I places the entire piece on top of another piece of paper and spread open the slash lines. Again, I wasn’t exact, I just eye-balled them to be about the same width apart.

Once the fullness was established I taped everything down and cut out the piece.

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